Future of Nanotechnology – Nanotechnology advantage

Hello friends, welcome to Techno Prsh, in this article we will discuss nanotechnology. Nanotechnology As you understand the name, Nano means small. Nano is a Latin word meaning dwarf (small). Nanotechnology is a technique that works on particles smaller than 100-nanometer particles.

Nanotechnology, nanotechnology advantage
The term Nanotechnology was first used by Richard Feynman in 1959 in his article. And the term Nanoscience was first defined by scientist Norio Taniguchi of Japan. After this, many scientists started exploring Nanotechnology.

Sir Richards and Sir Norio Taniguchi
Founder of Nanotechnology

Size of Nanometer –
1 Nm = 1 Billionth of a meter
1 Nm = 1 Millionth of a millimetre 

Nanotechnologytoday is Applied Physics, Materials Science, Semiconductor Physics, Large Molecular Chemistry (which focuses on the non-covalent effect of molecules in the field of chemistry), self-generating machines and robotics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, etc. are being used in the field

In nanotechnology, metal is controlled at the Nuclear, atomic, and supermolecular scale. Uses of Nanotechnology in various fields are as follows – 

Nanotechnology In Engineering  – 

Nanotechnology can also be widely used in energy fields such as nano-based fuel cells, in the manufacture of nanotubes flywheels as well as in converting sunlight into energy. Nanoscale thin layers are used on the surfaces of windows, computers, glasses, cameras, etc. for automatic cleaning and in the form of waterproofing, antitussive, anti-scratch, insulating, anti-ultraviolet, etc. 

Nanotechnology in Agricultural  – 

The use of Nanotechnology is also increasing in agricultural areas. Nano cellulose and nano fertilizer etc. can be revolutionized in agricultural production. Nano products will prove to be a boon for farmers by increasing nutritional content and immunity. Nanoparticles are also used in the manufacture of catalysts and at the same time helps to determine the amount of catalyst material as per requirement, which helps in reducing production expenditure and pollution.

Nanotechnology in Medicine  – 

Nano lotion manufactured with Nanotechnology helps to keep cells young and healthy as well as to protect them from diseases. Nanotubes are also very useful in treating diseases like cancer. Along with this, there is a wide possibility of using this technique in diseases like cardio-vascular, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, etc.

Experts at Tel Aviv University in Israel have designed a nanorobot with a thickness of just one atom, Which can deliver the drug through the arteries and veins of the body to any part of the body.

Nanotechnology Application

1. Nanotechnologyis used in many things of daily use today. A mobile phone is a perfect example of this. Display, processor, sensors, camera, etc. used in mobile phones are a form of nanotechnology. Which Nanotechnology is used in the processor is written in mobile specification. If you want to know more about the technology of mobile processors, then click here.

    Mobile Processor

    2. Scientists are engaged in making nanorobots that will be able to enter the human body and perform Microscopic operations. For this, it will be possible to construct biologically important molecules with the help of nanotechnology. Such biomolecules can be used in industrial and medical applications.

      3. Nanotechnologyis used in watches, speakers, headphones, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, ACs, and other things used in everyday life.

        4. Based on the growing business of Nanotechnology at the global level, it is estimated that in the next ten years, the participation of this sector in the world market will be $ 340 billion. Areas of use of this technique are expanding day by day.

            Nanotechnology advantage –

            1. With the help of nanotechnology, objects become small, light in weight, which saves a lot of raw material. Nanotechnology increases the production efficiency of a company.

              2. With the help of Nanotechnology, objects are become small in size, light in weight, so they do not require much energy to be used. Therefore, energy consumption can be reduced with the help of nanotechnology.

                3. The environment can be cleaned with Nanotechnology; harmful fumes emanating from vehicles can be converted into non-harmful gases.

                  4. There is more emphasis on optimization, durability, and reliability in Nanotechnology, so with the help of this technology in the future, many possibilities in technology will be enhanced.

                      The disadvantages of Nanotechnology – 

                      1. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CNIR) has started research and development work for the application of Nanotechnology in various fields. The New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI) is the flagship program of this council, under which programs related to Nanotechnology are being run. Nanotechnology applications also have a negative nature like every new innovation.

                        2. In mice living in nano-particle environments, problems such as swelling, irritation, stress has been observed. DNA, and chromosome of mice eating nano-titanium the oxide was found to suffer extensive damage. Increasing the amount of carbon nanotubes inside the body through respiration increases the risk of getting cancer called mesothelioma.

                          Carbon nanotubes, Nanotechnology
                          Carbon nanotubes

                          3. Nanofibers used in tennis rackets to aeroplanes have also been seen to have negative effects. Assemblers and disassemblers of Nanotechnology can also be used in the manufacture of weapons of destruction. 

                              Courses of Nanotechnology  –

                              BE (Bachelor of Engineering) Nanotechnology –

                              You can do BE, Nanotechnology subject to study nanotechnology because there is going to be a lot of demand for this technology in the future.

                              B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) Nanotechnology –

                              For studying nanotechnology, you can do B.Tech, Nanotechnology subject. The Nanotechnology branch is not yet popular but has started to become popular. In the future, with the help of Nanotechnology, many changes will be seen, and these changes will be very beneficial for us.

                              M.Tech (Master of Technology) Nanotechnology – 

                              If you want to do M.Tech from Nanotechnology, then BE / B.Tech from one of the subjects of biotechnology, electronics, computer science, material science, mechanical, biomechanical, chemical engineering, must be completed.

                              M.Sc (Master of Science) Nanotechnology – 

                              To do M.Sc with Nanotechnology you must have completed a B.Sc degree with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects.

                              The Future of Nanotechnology is bright. Nanotechnology will not only lead to better prospects in the future, but it can also lead to drastic changes in the business world. Objects made of nanotechnology currently are expensive, but when this technology develops further, the items will be cheaper, lighter, and useful in the long run. We can call Nanotechnology Future the future of a new era.

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