Social Media Marketing | Why Social Media Marketing is popular

Hello friends, welcome to Techno Prsh. Social media is the largest marketing platform today. There are around 600 million internet users in India, and 4.57 billion internet users all over the world.

The Social Media Marketing industry was worth $ 8 billion in 2019 and Social Media Marketing has grown to $ 15-20 billion in 2020. Therefore, social media marketing is the largest marketing platform today.

Social Media Marketing - Why Social Media Marketing is popular
Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing is popular   

Today, an Internet user spends an average of 2.5 hours on social media. Today, any person does online research before buying anything. Because today everything is easily found online and delivered to our home. With online shopping, people get a great deal within their budget. No need to go anywhere else. Therefore Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing are more popular.

How to do social media marketing

Friends, you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. in everyday life. So can they be marketed…..? Yes, friends can be marketed through social media. You can easily advertise your brand through Social Media Marketing. But the question will be in your mind, we do not have any brand, or we do not make any product. So, friends, there is nothing to worry about, the company that makes the product, you can make money by advertising their product.

Let’s see Types of Social Media Marketing Platforms on which you can do marketing  

Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites - Facebook
Social Networking Site
When using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, you see advertisements from many brands. Social networking sites are not only used for entertainment, but social networking sites are also used for marketing. Because about 90% of internet users use Social networking sites. Facebook is a good platform for social media marketing. Because today, Facebook has 2.6 billion uses worldwide and the Facebook social networking site is the most used.

Image Sharing Sites 

Image Sharing Site - Instagram
Image Sharing Site – Instagram

Image Sharing Sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. You can make people aware of products through your unique image. Because 1 image your product ad can contain thousands of words. And we can reach our customers without saying anything. Mainly the fashion industry, such as the clothing industry, the jewelry industry, and the makeup making industry, do through their marketing Image Sharing Sites. Image Sharing Sites is also a good medium for Social Media Marketing.

Video Hosting Sites

Video Hosting Site - YouTube
Video Hosting Site – YouTube

YouTube is the largest and popular name among video hosting sites. The attention span of a common man was 16 seconds 10 years ago, which has reduced to 8 seconds today. That’s why today people like to watch videos more because of reading. Because video has sound, motion, and vision. This attracts everyone’s attention towards the video. Therefore YouTube is the biggest name in Social Media Marketing. On YouTube, the customer is attracted through video, animation, and short film, and the customer becomes aware of the specification of the product.

Community Blog

Community Blog
Community Blog

Sometimes images are not enough for advertising, and the image may not define the complete specification of the products. Therefore, we write content about the specification of products, it is called a blog. Social Media Marketing is also done through unique and engaging content. A blogger creates unique content for the customer by putting product-related pictures, videos in their content. Through which the customer gets all the information about the product. It is also a good medium for social media marketing.

Discussion Site

Some people think the discussion site is Facebook, but there are some websites that are created just for discussion, such as – Quora. You can ask your question on Quora, and people who are interested in your question will answer your question. Some people question the product for their requirements in Quora. You can answer this type of question and suggest your product or brand. This will give him good guidance, and will also make your marketing. Discussion sites are also a good alternative to social media marketing.

Advantage of Social media marketing  

1. The biggest advantage of social media marketing is that you can do social media marketing for free.

    2. With Social Media Marketing, you will get an opportunity to interact with people, and you will be popular in front of people.

      3. With social media marketing, you can bring traffic to your website. This will give your site a good rank on Google.

        4. In Social Media Marketing, along with earning you develop a lot of skills inside you. With which you learn your speaking style among people in real life.

          5. With Social Media Marketing, you learn new ways of doing business, so that your source of earning remains the time of life.

            Social Media Marketing Tips

            1. Making Social Media Marketing Strategy is very important. The most important thing in this is content planning, your content should be rich and unique. Because people will find solutions to their problems in your content, only then people will read your content. Keyword research is very important before writing content, you will get many new ideas from keyword research. With which you can write unique content.

              Social Media Marketing Tips, Social Media Marketing Strategy
              Social Media Marketing Tips

              2. In a Social Media Marketing Strategy, it is very important to use the image wisely. For any brand advertisement, the role of image is very important, so you choose a unique and high graphics brand image. So that your content looks original and attractive.

                3. Social Media Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing if you want to know more about digital marketing please Click here.

                  4. Social media popularity is the most important function in a Social Media Marketing Strategy. In the popularity of social media, you have to make your website or page popular on social media. The more popular your website is on social media, the sooner it will rank well. Which will benefit you more. I hope these Social Media Marketing tips are useful for you.

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