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While buying a mobile it is very important to see the specification of the mobile. Because we want to buy a good product according to our budget. But many people do not pay attention to the display type while looking at the specification of the mobile. Which is very important, because the performance of the mobile depends on the display. Let friends know about mobile displays, and which mobile displays are good.

About mobile display

AMOLED Display
Friends, first of all, know how many Types of Mobile displays are there, these are the most common types –
  1. TNP – Twisted Nematic Panel LCD (Liquid crystal display)
  2. TFT – Thin Film Transistor LCD
  3. IPS – In-Plane Switching LCD
  4. OLED (organic light-emitting diode)
  5. AMOLED Active-Matrix organic light-emitting diode
  6. Retina Display

Types of Mobile Displays – 

let us know about  Types of Mobile Displays one by one and know about which mobile displays are good

TNP  Mobile Displays –

The full form of TNP LCD is Twisted Nematic Panel LCD (Liquid crystal display). TNP mobile displays were initially used, but Today these are not popular in the display market. These displays are thick and the colors are not so good and break easily on falling. Overall TNP’s display experience has been bad, TNP displays are cheap but power consumption is very high.

TFT  Mobile Displays –

The full form of TFT is Thin Film Transistor LCD. TFT Mobile Displays are used in cheap smartphones today, TFT is a good option according to the displayed price. The color of the TFT display is not accurate, the aspect ratio is low and the contrast ratio is also low. TFT Mobile Displays break quickly when they fall. TFT displays are cheap, and they also have high power consumption.

IPS Mobile Display –

The full form of IPS is In-Plane Switching LCD. The IPS display is mainly installed in the budget mobile today. The display has an accurate color. Picture quality is good, better display experience and color does not spread on pressing the screen. The view angle of the IPS mobile display is good. These displays are slightly more expensive than TNP and TFT but the battery consumption is less.

OLED Mobile Displays –

OLED (organic light-emitting diode)  displays are much better than IPS displays. These displays are more bright, pixel quality is good and color accuracy is very good. OLED mobile displays have a higher aspect ratio and contrast ratio. OLED Displays are expensive but power consumption is very less.

AMOLED Mobile Display –

AMOLED (Active Matrix organic light-emitting diode) display is an updated version of OLED display. The color looks bright in the AMOLED Display, the picture quality is very good and the display is thin. Currently, the AMOLED display is the best option. Its contrast ratio and aspect ratio is high, the display is quite bright. These displays are expensive but power consumption is very less.
The special thing about the AMOLED Mobile Display is that it is made up of many pixels. Pixel density is higher and pixels are attached to each other, so its color looks very good. In the AMOLED Display, the black color looks really black. That means if there is no color in a pixel, then it becomes automatically deactivated. Which makes that pixel look black and the power consumption is very low.

Super AMOLED Mobile Display –

Super AMOLED Display is an advanced version of AMOLED. It has been updated by making slight changes in AMOLED display, which has improved the display experience. These displays are expensive but very slim. Color accuracy is very good and battery consumption is also very low. This display is very good for the eyes. Because its light makes the eyes prick less, and we can use mobile for a longer time.

Retina Mobile Display –

Retina display is a marketing terminology which is popular in the market today. But its features match the IPS display, Retina Mobile Display color looks accurate, the picture quality is good. Retina displays are used in expensive mobiles, and its power consumption is more than that of a Super AMOLED display.

Which is the best display type for mobile – 

Based on some technical display terminology, the comparison in the display is as follows 
Types of mobile display, display terminology, Comperision mobile display
Comparison of all display
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