How to make mobile better with Mobile Keyboard & Accessories

Today, people all over the world use mobiles, and use apps and accessories. These apps and accessories improve the performance and look of mobile. For, e.g., we see today, in mobile people use a lot of attractive keyboards. These keyboards are not only special in appearance, but the features of keyboards make Mobile Keyboards special. Let us know about Mobile Accessories and Mobile Keyboards.

How to make mobile better with Mobile Keyboard & Accessories

Mobile Keyboard


If you trust Google, then this only additional keyboard can complete your work. This provides glide/swipe typing. You can access Google search. You can translate content from Google translate. Google collects information about what you search for with the help of a keyboard. It offers a camera function.


Microsoft’s swiftkey keyboard provides features such as swipe to type with predictive text options. It has a choice of several languages. It provides a toolbar for searching gif and emoji and accessing clipboard. Allows you to delete your deposited data easily. However according to swiftkey, the more you type, its text prediction gets better.

Thumbly keyboard

Do you like to type with just a thumb? Then the Thumbly keyboard is made for you. It allows typing with one finger. You can easily switch hands. If you want, you can disable the autocorrect feature. You can swipe between characters. It has a unique swipe gesture to delete things.


The multilingual keyboard was only for iPad users earlier, but now it also supports iPhone users. The Padkey place the numbers and cursor in a row on the screen. It looks like a standard keyboard instead of the on-screen keyboard version of apple. It offers you dedicated keys for special symbols associated with the language of your choice.


This is a service that allows you to access your photos on almost every platform. You can see store photos on Instagram, Google photos, dropbox, twitter, Facebook, etc. Its free mobile app offers a photo keyboard, which makes sharing in iOS messaging and note-taking apps easy.


Have you worried to type the same thing over and over again in messaging? The Phraseboard produces a board of consecutive sentences. It sinks with iCloud for storage. It has to provide full access to save sentences.

Jiffy is an online world of animated gifs. This fun keyboard is part of the Jiffy app. This keyboard has to be installed. Installing this keyboard is easy. It helps to make a perfect animated commentary in a dialogue with someone.

Fancy key

FancyKey is a font changing the keyboard. This makes your text message fun. It allows you to access font character, fun sound, swipe input, and pre-mode emoji pattern

Mobile Photo accessories

If you like mobile photography, then you can get a better experience of mobile photography by using some Mobile Accessories. This will make your picture quality and video shooting easier and you will be able to shoot better photos and videos. Let’s know about these mobile accessories

Selfy Ring Lights 

This ring light gives you great coverage. It is great for taking selfies and shooting selfies videos. You can choose any one of the 11 brightness levels according to the need. You can change the light temperature between white, warm yellow, or yellow plus white light. It can be used as a full light for taking Portrait or for live streaming/shooting of videos. This light provides free angle adjustment.

It gets power from USB. You can charge it from a portable power bank. This light is available in different sizes. You can get compact portable versions ranging from 18-inch circles to fix on Smartphones.


Now the number of video-sharing platforms like Tick Talk has increased. Many people have started shooting videos from phones. The problem with handheld devices is that when using them the device vibrates and the video does not get perfect. Tripodscan be used to avoid this, but this limits your movement.

If you want to roam from here to there while shooting video and also like great stabilization, then Gimbals should be taken. There are many types of compact foldable gimbals in the market. Their price starts at ₹ 5000. These provide three-axis stabilization for smooth stabilized images. Some gimbals also provide features such as active trekking, hyper-lapse, and sports modes.

External microphone

Poor audio recording can be a problem with Smartphone-produced videos. Many people do not pay attention to the audio quality of the video, but later they feel sad. Some phones offer features such as audio zoom, which allows focusing on 1 point for audio recording. However, this feature is only available in premium phones.

199 lavalier microphones
So if an external microphone is the best option for other devices. You can take 199 lavalier microphones. You can take a buoy microphone which is a clip-on mic. This is an omnidirectional mic. It captures good quality audio and connects to your phone with the help of a 3.5mm audio jack.

Flexible microphone

Have you ever had a situation when you are about to shoot something with your tripod and you don’t have the space to set it well? To get rid of this problem you can take a tripod with flexible legs. Adjustable legs can be twisted around a pole or tree and shooting can be done by making an angle of your choice.

In this way, you get the freedom to shoot photos and videos with creative angles. The important thing is that it is very light. If you want great strength on a rough surface, you can use a rubberized fitted tripod. You can combine it with Bluetooth Sutter Remote for ease of work.

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Add-on lenses

Some premium phones come with features like telephoto, wide-angle, and microlenses. For these, add an addon lens on the phone. There are many clip-on lenses in the market that give features such as super wide-angle, fisheye, 20 x microlenses, 14 x zoom, etc. These can add effects such as star filters, KPL, kaleidoscopes, and radials.

I hope you have understood about Mobile Keyboards and Mobile Accessories.

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