What are the Useful Filters for Photography

Hello friends, in this article What are the Useful Filters for Photography that, discuss useful filters for photography. And we will discuss some such apps which will be very useful for photo editing. Because after clicking photos, many people like photo editing and insert effects. So that his photo looks more attractive. Let’s friend start discussing.  

What are the Useful Filters for Photography
Useful Filters for Photography

Selective colour

This technique allows highlighting a single colour, the rest of the frame remains black and white. In iOS, there is an app of touch of colour for this. This gives a chance to choose a colour. After this, the rest of the photograph becomes black and white. Color Splash FX and photo art apps are available for android users.

Warhol effect

The Warhol effect is a technique in which the image is displayed in a 4 by 4 grid with colour. This call is pop art. The free FX camera app is available for android devices, which can be downloaded with the help of the play store. With this help, take an image and apply the Warhol effect in a single touch. Use crazy photo booth for iOS. With this, the Warhol effect can apply to the photo.

Finger painting

Foolproof art studio on iPad allows photos to convert to oil painting. In its free version only use the shoot pictures from the iPad, while in the full version you can import a picture from the library. To get more blurry, one has to swipe fast on the picture. Swipe slowly for more definition.

Background blur

Blur the background, shooting with DSLR is easy. The app is used to create the same effect on Smartphones. Use figure focus for iOS and after focus app for android.

Animated photos

It is possible to animate the photo in the free app as well. Cinematography for iOS and pictoreo apps for android are useful for photo animate. Both the apps require that you record 2 or 3-second videos. You have the option to select the movement area. The app saves the video as an animated photo.

Download these best camera apps in mobile for better photography 

As the demand for better camera phones has increased in the world, there has also been an increase in the desire of people to have good photography or to say that life is better.
The best thing for the lovers of Android phones is that there are many such camera apps on Google Play, which can give you a better photo experience. The special thing is that these apps are free. There are many options from editing to improving photo quality, which can be used easily.


VSCO Cam has been popular in Apple’s iOS users before it came to the Android platform. If you are interested in better photography as well as editing and special effects, then this app is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for you. That is both features in one app. This app gives you the option to do basic control as well as pre-set effects and much more manually. That is, you can use it better and better based on your creativity. Through this, sharing on social media and other platforms is also easy.

Google Camera Or Google Lens

If you do not have Google’s Nexus Smartphone, then you can install Google Camera. However, it is similar to the pre-installed camera app on your Android phone. But it also has many basic and advanced features. You can do 360-degree photography with its help. It also has a feature like Lens Blur Mode, which allows you to focus and defocus objects like a DSLR camera.
Apart from this, the photosphere, the panoramic mode has been improved. It supports your Android Wear. That is, you can also operate the camera via remote.


PicsArt is one of the best photo editing software. In this software, you will find many tools to add effects to photos. Also, you can make collages by mixing many photos. Apart from this, you will be provided with a brush and layer tool, with which you will be able to edit better photos.


I like this app the most, it is made by Google, and the quality does not deteriorate while editing photos in it. This app has many tools that can be used by professionals as well as beginners. Google also gives tutorials on how you should use it.

Camera 360 Ultimate

This camera app is special in the sense that it has many shot modes. Through this, you can do better photography quickly and with less editing. Equipped with features like special effects and tilt-shift camera, this app also has a selfie mode for the lovers of Selfie.

Manual Camera

This camera app is beneficial for Smartphone users who have basic knowledge of photography as well as basic information about the camera. The camera settings can be set manually through this app. This app gives the photographer direct control over all the features, including speed, shutter, focus, etc.

Camera MX

This camera cum editing app also has many features of special effects. Along with basic features like tap to zoom, timer, focus, it has an FX menu, which has many filters, frames, and photo effects. It also has many features to balance white balance, contrast, and colour.
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