What is AR | How does Augmented Reality Work

Hello friends, you must have heard or read the name of augmented reality somewhere. Let’s discuss, What is Augmented Reality, and How does Augmented Reality Work and Augmented Reality Software. Let us first discuss, What is Augmented Reality.

How does Augmented Reality Work - What is Augmented Reality and Augmented Reality Software
How does Augmented Reality work

What is Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is an advanced form of virtual reality, in which a virtual scene is created by showing computer-generated graphics in the real environment around you. A new environment is created by adding a virtual environment to the environment around you, which looks real.

Augmented means to enlarge or present something better than before. That is, this technology cannot work alone. It needs a ready-made environment in which it combines some objects through virtual reality to create a new virtual environment that looks real.

It is like virtual reality, but it does not take you into a new world, but rather puts you in your world and makes you experience some new things. Which is not really.

How does Augmented Reality Work

In Augmented Reality, the surrounding environment is shown in such a way that they look real, while they are created through a digital medium. How does Augmented Reality Work, can be understood mainly through three points.

Motion Tracking  

When you turn on your phone’s camera, the gyroscope along with the camera also turns on. A gyroscope is a sensor that is usually on every phone. This gyroscope observes your phone’s position, knows your position, and to what degree your phone is tilted. This helps Augmented Reality in motion tracking.

Light Estimation  

Your device’s sensor measures the light surrounding it. With this, he also creates the shadow of augmented reality. This makes the characters of Augmented Reality look just as real.

Flat Surface 

Augmented Reality can work only after finding a flat surface in the environment. If you try to use it in a bumpy place, you will fail. It needs a flat surface to work so that it can set up its model and interact with you.

Use of Augmented Reality 

Today, Use of Augmented Reality in many fields. Use of Augmented Reality in some areas is as follows –


Education has also become a rapidly changing field. Technology in education works to simplify the subject. This makes the students easy. Nowadays, it is a time of projector, smart classes, in such a way, Augmented Reality will make education easier. In many places, it has also started to be used.  

Engineering Design  


How does Augmented Reality Work - What is Augmented Reality and Augmented Reality Software
Use of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is used to represent a model in engineering design. Actually, it is already known what it will look like after the project is built. Whether it is mechanical work or civil engineering, everything can be planned with the help of augmented reality.

Military Training  

Today, Augmented Reality is also being used extensively in military training. It is used in the practice of war. The army is made aware of every facet of war so that a virtual battlefield is visible. In such a situation, it has become an important part of military planning.


The use of Augmented Reality for shopping is very new. It is used to explain the product well. Nowadays, people do not buy any product without testing. Shopping companies have remedied this with the help of Augmented Reality. This product can be shown well, and its usage can be told.


In medicine, it is used for training new doctors. With this, medical methods and methods of medical students are explained. This introduces students to the methods of treatment without using the dead body.

Digital Gaming  

Digital gaming is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s technological era. Nowadays children like sports less and video games more, because the graphics of the video game are quite attractive, and the video game has a wonderful use of sound motion and vision.

Augmented Reality Software 

Today the technological era is progressing, How does Augmented Reality Work, all of you must have understood. Let us discuss Augmented Reality Software. Some of the popular Augmented Reality Software are as follows – 

AR Runner 

This app prepares you to perform against the best athletes in the world. You have to run to a virtual checkpoint pasted into the real world. You are motivated to complete the fastest run. Through ’30 second rush’ mode, one has to hit as many checkpoints as possible in 30 seconds. In enemy mode, one has to stay away from the enemy and hit the checkpoint. It works on iOS.

Google Lens 

If you like to explore good restaurants and places of interest in the city, then the Google lens app is great. When you point the phone’s camera towards the menu in the new restaurant, it becomes easy to choose from the app what to eat. It pops up photographs and reviews of dishes. You can get directions, call, visualize and translate text from it. This app works on android devices.

Porsche AR visualize 

If you want to check the new Porsche car, then you can feel very easily from the function of this slice of automobiles from the virtual session. Visualizing Porsche AR allows you to place a Porsche comfortably in the home. This app offers options for the classic 911 models, luxury models, and hybrid E-Performance Vehicle. If you want, you can see the car driving around in the house and garden, how it moves. This app works better on iOS.

Big Bang AR

Imagine the big bang happening in your own living room. A cool simulated version of Big Bang AR can be realized anywhere. It has been prepared by Sarn and Google Arts & Culture. It reduces on iOS and Android devices. This app leads to a cosmic tour at the beginning of the universe. You can go 13.8 billion years before time and know how the world was created. This allows you to make atoms and other particles.

Measure Kit AR rule tape 

You have any such items. Which you cannot measure with the help of the iPhone or iPad. Now you can do this from this app. You have to point from the app to the object of the camera that you want to measure. It can measure straight lines on the surface. It can show a movement tragedy line on the screen, and a marker pin drop.

Civilization AR 

This app offers such an Augmented Reality-based approach that you get to know about historical artists. You can see them and make changes to them as well. It works on iOS. In this, you can test 41 different creations. The app starts with a globe, which takes you to different countries. In this you can choose Artwork, you can Zoon In and Zoom Out and rotate every artwork. You can read the artwork description.
I hope you have understood What is Augmented Reality, How does Augmented Reality Work, Use of Augmented Reality and Augmented Reality Software. If you liked this article, please make a comment in the comment box.

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