What is Virtual Reality – Features of Virtual Reality

Definitions Virtual Reality is, naturally, defined by both ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. The definition of ‘virtual’ is near reality, and reality is what we experience as humans. So the word ‘virtual reality’ basically means ‘around reality’. Let us know in the detail What is Virtual Reality …

What is Virtual Reality & Features of Virtual Reality
What are Virtual Reality & Features of Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality makes humans experience virtual worlds created by computer technology. During this time, a real environment is created with 3D graphics and software and hardware. Which is experienced with the help of Virtual Reality devices.

Types of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is experienced in many ways. It is a world based solely on the technology used. Hence the type of hardware and software technology used to create virtual worlds. A person experiences the same type.
There are three main Types of Virtual Reality technology based on this virtual experience.
1. Fully Immersive Virtual Reality
2. Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality
3. Non-Immersive Virtual Reality

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality

It is a high technology to provide a real experience of the virtual world. In which, through HMDs (Head-Mounted Displays) and motion detecting devices, an attempt is made to give real senses of truth to the human world. This VR technology gives an idea of ​​the actual user experience.

Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality

In this virtual day, a person can partially experience the virtual world realistically. You can consider it similar to video game technology. High-Performance Graphical Computer Systems and large screen projectors or televisions are used to create this virtual reality.

Non-Immersive Virtual Reality

This is the technique of making the least visible experience of Virtual Reality. The feeling of which is made available to the person through a High-Resolution Monitor. It feels like watching a 3D painting.

Is Virtual Reality Necessary

Do we need virtual reality, the answer is no. But we want to use it because it is human nature that we always like new things. And this keeps the desire to get something in us, and we keep on searching for new things.

But it also has its benefits which I am going to tell you right now.


It has a huge role in gaming. If you play a fighting game, and you are wearing a VR headset, then you will be able to take a real feel of whatever is happening in the game. This will take your gaming experience to the next level. And you will want to play the game even more. Hence the gaming industry is adopting Virtual Reality. The craze of VR headset based gaming continues to grow.


With the help of Virtual Reality, students will be able to understand real-time problems in a much better way. And that will increase their understanding of power. And instead of theoretical knowledge, they will have more practical knowledge, this will increase their productivity.


As you all know some training is costly and risky, but all this training is also necessary. So how to do this so that the loss and risk factor can be reduced. The answer is virtual reality-based training. It is less expansive, and nobody is going to cause any harm in real.

Features of Virtual Reality

1. With its help, you can go on a virtual tour. Which will make you cheaper than the real tour and will also be interesting.
2. You can enjoy all those things which you have never been able to do in real life and it will not cause any harm to anyone. For example – flying the fighter plane.
3. Virtual reality helps in effective communication. And you feel a different bonding.

Drawbacks of Virtual Reality

1. This technology has not completely come into the market. So it can’t be trusted training done by this is not real, which can be a problem at times if you do well in the virtual situation, but in the real situation, you may or may not work that way.
2. It cannot be trusted so much. Training done by this is not real, which can be a problem at times if you do well in the virtual situation, but in the real situation, you may or may not work that way.
3. Since it has not yet come complete in the market, at this time it is also a little costal. Maybe, going ahead, it will become affordable like mobile phones.
4. It has a bad effect on the eyes because the VR headset is very close to the eyes. So it should not use for a long time.

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