What is Customer Retention | Customer Retention Strategy

The latest trend of balancing marketing with a Traditional Marketing Strategy is essential for the success of any small business. Startups and small businesses appear to rely only on social media and e-marketing. While they do not know much about traditional methods such as Customer Retention.

What is Customer Retention and Customer Retention Strategy
What is Customer Retention and Customer Retention Strategy

Customer Retention

Customer Retention means making an emotional connection to keep the customer with you. It has been the most important tool of traditional marketing strategy. All big brands value Customer Retention. Startup and small business are not paying attention to this best way of customer connect.

Focus on service strategy

If you are delivering any product or service before the scheduled time, then you will easily make a place in the customer’s good book. Fast delivery is the most important part of marketing strategy today. The faster the delivery of your product or service, the better impact you will be able to make in the market.
According to the Customer Behavior Survey 2018, big brands, especially those related to the e-marketing sector, are focusing more on the Customer Retention Strategy. Many companies in the US and China have hired different experts for this strategy related to Customer Retention. Which, together with the company’s marketing strategy team and sales team, continuously work on new ideas related to Customer Retention.

How to deal with Comments and Feedback

The flaws in the product or service policy or return policy are not right for your business. Most customers share feedback or comments related to the product on social media. Therefore, handling those comments correctly is a big challenge. Since small businesses do not have a team of social media experts. Therefore, it is the responsibility of entrepreneurs to keep a positive stance on social media comments.

How to build a relationship

Most work needs to be done towards making an emotional connection with the customer. In comparison to such a marketing strategy, you should share information related to the general business world with the customer. Share images related to interesting facts or inspiring people. You should also include things related to social connectivity. Based on the data, the customer has to wish the birthday or share some videos related to other special days, etc.

Promote Referral Policy

There is also a need to include a referral policy in the Customer Retention Strategy. After an emotional connection with the customer, include it in the referral and reward policy. Request the customer to inform people about the product. After doing this, you can give that customer a reward point or other incentive.
Through Customer Retention and marketing strategy, you balance your business, so that you get more profit in the business. Once again, we highlight specific points related to Customer Retention and marketing strategy

Fast delivery

The faster you deliver to the customer, the better impact you can place in front of the customers and the market.

Replace, Return, and Refund Policies 

Your policies will be as convenient as possible for the customer. Customers will be equally attracted.

Product delivery Charges  

This point is most important in Customer Retention Strategy. Because customers are more attracted to low delivery charges or free delivery charges. For this, you have to make mediation with retailers in different cities, so that your product or service can reach the customer for minimum delivery charges or free.

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