What is Edge Computing | Benefits of Edge Computing

What is Edge Computing

Edge Computing Defines as isolated from centralized and connects network segments (such as DropBox, Gmail, etc.) and individual sources of data capture, such as data-handling activities at the level of laptops, tablets, or other network operations.
Techno Prsh, What is Edge Computing & Benefits of Edge Computing
What is Edge Computing & Benefits of Edge Computing
It is an extension of Cloud Computing. And this is different in terms of the time it takes to process information. In this, locally stored data is analyzed in real-time without delay.
In the future, Edge Computing will be the most prevalent after Cloud computing. The global edge computing market estimates to be over 8 billion dollars by the year 2025.

Benefits of Edge Computing


Like video streaming from Netflix platforms, Edge Computing allows quick data processing and content delivery.

Future Technology Competencies

Technologies such as 5G wireless technology and Artificial intelligence enables edge computing for quick response and simplified maintenance in computing.

Localized Solutions

Cloud Computing can be used in remote locations where there is limited or no connectivity at a centralized location.
These locations require local storage similar to a mini data center, edge computing provides the right solution for this.

Data efficiency

There is no need to send any data to its network as soon as it processes. Rather only sends important data. Therefore the Edge Computing network reduces the amount of data to send over any network.
In the last few years, data from millions of computers or other machines are being handled, processed, and delivered through Edge Computing globally. Edge computing is most commonly using for the Internet of Things (IoT), Real-Time Computing, etc.
The use of cloud computing proves expensive for many companies. Because the use of excessive amounts of data collection and bandwidth increases its cost. Edge computing may be a better option in this case.
The most advantage of this technology is that it performs the processing and collection of data quickly. So that the efficiency of the real-time application required by the user can increase.
The use of Edge Computing will help in ambitious projects like Self-Driving Cars, Automated Building System, and Smart City.

Benefits of Edge Computing in Technology Area

To promote Edge Computing, many companies are building smaller chip-size edge devices and modules, given the increasing demand for AI. This can use in drones, robots, or other medical devices.
In the era of fast networking technology, the Use of Edge Computing is essential for the creation and operation of real-time applications. These applications include video processing and analytics, automated cars, robotics, Artificial Intelligence-AI.
To understand Edge Computing, we need to understand Cloud Computing. We are currently going through the era of cloud computing, where most people use cloud computing in some way or the other.
Under cloud computing, when a user is editing online tasks, he or she accesses the information of a remote data center, which knows as the cloud. For example, online video or photo editing software, anti-virus application, online file converter, e-commerce application, data backup, and recovery, etc. work under cloud computing.
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Potential challenges inherent in the Edge Computing

The reliability of Edge Computing is doubts from the data security point of view. Due to different data collection in different machines, it is considered less secure than a centralized or cloud-based system. For example, in cloud computing, the responsibility of data security is mainly from companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etc., which have high reliability.
Apart from this, the main challenges are the energy, power, and network connectivity required for data processing in different devices.
Where we install the software on a normal personal computer, while in edge computing, we use cable. This means that in Edge Computing, the data controls not by the user but with the edge device, which can be questionable for its privacy and security.

Why Edge Computing?

This technique increases the efficient use of bandwidth by analyzing data on opposite sides of the cloud. This requires a large bandwidth of data from IoT, making it useful to use it at a remote location with minimal cost.
This allows smart applications and devices to respond to data at approximately the same time, which is important in the context of commercial advertising self-driving cars.
It has the ability to process data without putting it even on a public cloud, this ensures complete security.
Data may be corrupted over extended networks, thus affecting data reliability for industries to use.
Edge computation of data provides a limitation to the use of the cloud.

Real-Life Application of Edge Computing

Autonomous Vehicles 

GE digital partner, Intel, estimates that autonomous cars with hundreds of on-vehicle sensors will generate 40 TB of data for every eight hours of driving. Therefore, wheels – Edge Computing plays a major role. Sending all data to the cloud is unsafe and impractical. The car immediately reacts to events that have valuable data added to the digital twin and the performance of other cars in its class.

Fleet Management 

When considering a trucking company, the main goal is to connect and send data to the cloud from multiple operational data points such as wheels, brakes, batteries, and so on. Health key operational components are analyzes with the help of the cloud. Thus, basically, a fleet management solution encourages the vehicle to reduce costs.
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