What is Product Design | Product Design Concept

What is Product Design?

Product Design describes the process of thinking, creating, and duplicating products that solve user problems or address specific needs in a given market.
What is Product Design & Product Design Concept
What is Product Design & Product Design Concept
The key to successful Product Design understands the end user’s customer, the person for whom the product is designed. Product designers try to solve real problems for real people by empathizing with information about their future customer habits, behaviour, frustrations, needs, and preferences.

According to the Industrial Designers Society of America

1. “Industrial construction is a technological practice of designing products that millions of people around the world use every day. Industrial designers not only focus on the look of the product but also on how it works, made, and ultimately the value and information they provide to users. ”
2. Before the time of mass production, handicrafts made products mainly by hand. This means that there are few products available for sale and that they are costly. Subsequently, industrial integration allowed businesses to produce in bulk less expensive products.
3. To help sell their products to millions of people who can afford them right now, manufacturers are asking for the help of industrial designers to make products that are not only functional but also fun and attractive.
4. Over time, the subset of industrial design has evolved into its own category: Product Design. This is because industrial construction today identifies portable products such as furniture and household appliances and Product Design can apply to any product – even digital, virtual products such as software applications.

Product Design Concept

1. Idea generation 
2. Product Design and Development 
3. Analysis 

Idea Generation 

Competition is increasing in markets and commercial industries. Products with innovative ideas attract more customers. Idea generation is the most important factor in the product design concept. Because the sale, demand, and publicity of your product depend on What qualities make your product different from the products on the market.

Product Design and Development

Design and development come after the idea generation in the product design concept. After the idea generation, Product Design prepares. Under this, the problems related to the product are discussed, after which the solution to those problems is found. And finally, the 3D design of the product is prepared. The Product Design makes with the help of 3D design software. Examples of software – Creo, Catea, Solid Works, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, etc.


The third step in the Product Design concept is analysis. After the 3D model of the product is prepared, it is analyzed. So that the users do not face any problems while using the product. Therefore, real conditions and forces are applied to the product while analyzing. So that durability and reliability of the product can be checked. Thus there are 3 stages in the Product Design concept.

What Types of Product Design Works Are Available?

The various companies that you think of today as Product Design activities can include many roles under different names. For example:

UX Designer

The designers of the user experience focus on product refinement based on how their research on consumer behaviour shows how people will find greater satisfaction in using the product. UX designers are aiming to increase the enjoyment of users.

Data analyst

These designers focus on user research and other data to identify ways to improve product design, feature set, and visual quality. In other words, their main role is science, but they are also designers.


Prototyper is members of a product team that brings team ideas to a tangible level, helping the company quickly reassure users of product features and other features. In a company that makes portable products, prototyper will do handicrafts. In digital companies, the simulation team will create phone frames or other visual means.

Product Designer

Of course, in most cases, the company will hire someone to handle many of the above, and other, roles under a job called Product Designer. In some companies, they will carry the big picture, strategic elements involved in creating new product ideas. There, other professionals in the organization take responsibility for things like user research, UX design, knowledge building, etc.
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