Types of Research and Development | Process | R&D

Hello friend, in this article, we will discuss Types of Research and Development | Process | R&D. You must have heard or read many times about the term  Types of Research and Development | Process | R&D. But do you know What is Research and Development or R&D…?

Types of Research and Development | Process | R&D
Types of Research and Development | Process | R&D   

Research and Development is a process of discovering and developing new products and services. In other words, R&D is a process in which a company or organization uses experimental activities to create or improve its products and services.


The Research and Development department is in every major company. And many companies or organizations assign their R&D work to outside companies. This option is quite convenient for small startup companies. This reduces initial investment and the company’s work does not stop. The main function of The R&D department is to research any product and get better results to improve product services.  


Types of Research and Development


(A) Basic Research

(B) Applied Research

(C) Development.


Basic Research

The main objective of basic research is to understand a product or service as much as possible and to prepare a report on each property related to it. With the help of basic research, you find problems in products or services and find solutions for them.

It helps in knowing the opinion of the Customers about the product or services prevailing in the market and helps in solving the problems of their product or services. This improves the image of your product services in the market and gives you more profit.

Applied Research

Through applied research, you discover new knowledge about any product or service, and by using it you can improve the product or services. This will increase the image of your product or services in the market, and the company or the organization will get more benefits.


Development is the most important fundamental requirement for the company. Because every company makes its place in the market with the help of development. Through the development process, the engineer and manufacturing team present in the company gains rich knowledge.


Whereby the engineer and manufacturing team or Product Design team formulate new prototypes based on the findings from research. And convert those prototypes into products. And by selling these, the company gets more profit.

These are the three basic Types of Research and Development, which play an important role in the Research and Development Process.

Research and Development Process

(1) Generate the ideas

(2) Redefine the ideas 
(3) Basic research about ideas 
(4) Applying research in product 
(5) Product Development 

Generate the ideas

The Idea Generation Process is the most important stage in the Research and Development Process. The idea generation process is based on the following points

(1) The first is to find out what the customer needs.

(2) How many such products are available in the market?
(3) Market research about the product (how popular is the product market and how many competitors do you have in the market
(4) How your product may differ from other products (discover new technology or innovation).

(5) How much profit can your product make in the market?

With the help of the following five points, you can generate a great idea and earn more profits. Because these five-points play an important role in the Research and Development Process.

Redefine the ideas 

The second phase of the Research and Development Process is Redefine the ideas. In this stage, after generating the idea, we re-scale the idea. Which do according to the following points…

(1) How much more useful your product will prove to be

(2) Is your product reliable or not 
(3) Is your product long-lasting

(4) The product should have capable of fulfilling the customer requirement so Is your product capable of meeting customer requirements…?

These points help to make it easy for your Research and Development Process.


Basic research about ideas

The second phase of the Research and Development Process is Basic research about ideas. Let’s understand this step through the following points

(1) What will be the initial investment?

(2) Availability of raw material
(3) Cost of the product (Nowadays customer wants affordable, reliable, or long-lasting service).(4) Also important, the availability of workers.


Applying research in product

This is the fourth stage of Research and Development. After basic research, there is a discussion about the design of the product. The solution to the problems related to the product is applied to the product. Also, this improves product quality.

Product Development

This is the most important phase of Research and Development. In this phase, engineers develop prototypes and convert those prototypes into products. In this stage, the physical property and specification of the product are tested thoroughly. And all the shortcomings are removed with full maturity. After this, we launch the product or services.

Product development or Product Design is one of the most important departments of R&D. Because of the quality of the product, maintenance, selection of raw material is the responsibility of the product development or Product Design Department.


The profitability of a company or organization depends on the time of launch of the products or services; it is essential. The strategy as to what time the product should be launched. This is commonly seen that any company or organization launches its product or services at the time of the festival. Or launch at a time when product demand in the market is increasing.

At a time when the demand for a product in the market is high, the company makes a lot of profit by bringing its product update version to the market. While launching the product, the company can increase the company’s sales by giving a gift or discount on the product to the customer. Because it benefits both the customer and the company.

Benefits of Research and Development


Saves raw material.
Saves time and cost.
Increases company profits.
Increases productivity and sales.
Maintains continuity in the manufacturing process.
Saves the additional effort of workers and companies.
Creates a mutual understanding between work or employees.

R&Destablishes a process that keeps the company’s production process in the full discipline.

Research and Development Job & Scope

Research and development is an opportunity whose scope is never-ending. And as technology evolves in the future, its scope will continue to grow significantly. The R&D department is in almost every major company, and many companies do their R&D work externally. This means that the quality of each company’s product depends on R&D.

So its scope is sure to increase in the future. Even today, R&D is quite popular. Because research and development is such a strategy and planning, which continuously increases the productivity, sale, and profit of the company. With the Research and Development Process, the company prepares a plan that reduces the company’s extra effort, increases productivity in a short time. And the company grows rapidly in the market.

Salary of an R&D Specialist

Now let’s discuss Research and Development Salary. It is essential to have a good experience to work in R&D. Because any mistake in R&D can harm the whole company. Therefore only a trained person is hired in R&D.

The average salary of an R&D Specialist in India is around 45,000 rupees per month. And in terms of annual, the Average Salary of an R&D Specialist is Rs 540,000. The Average Salary of an R&D specialist in the US is about 8000 US Dollars per month. And speaking of yearly, the Average Salary of an R&D Specialist is 96000 US dollars.

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