What is Cloud Gaming | Best Cloud Gaming Service

Playing games is a rich hobby. New games are released every day, and games are also expensive. The system requirement for playing these games also keeps on increasing. So new hardware keeps coming every day, and new graphics cards and new processors are also coming into the market. And no one upgrades their systems daily, nor does the daily buy new systems.


What is Cloud Gaming | Best Cloud Gaming Service
What is Cloud Gaming | Best Cloud Gaming Service

If you have the facility that you can play the game without any expense and a hardware upgrade, then how will you feel. It is possible with the help of cloud gaming. Let’s discuss What is Cloud Gaming…? and Best Cloud Gaming Service.

What is Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is a technology in which the game is stored in the cloud, and runs within the cloud. Cloud Gaming Service is a medium to play the latest games without any high-cost and no hardware upgrades. It is also known as game streaming.

You don’t need high-end hardware and graphics cards to play the game. The best thing is that the responsibility of managing hardware and high graphics in it lies with the company whose server you are using.


How does Cloud Gaming Works

In Cloud Gaming, high-end servers do already maintain for gaming and use the latest hardware. And live streaming with high-end graphics of the game is delivered on the device. 

Suppose you are playing a game on your computer screen. In that case, the control of your computers use for gaming, and all this data send to on cloud server, the actual game is running on the server, the server is performing all the actions, and output appears on-screen device.

In this technology, the cloud server works like a high-powered pc, and the game is streaming. The most significant advantage of Cloud Gaming Service is, you do not need to buy expensive hardware, you can easily enjoy high graphics gaming on your ordinary hardware with fast internet. 

Best Cloud Gaming Service 

Cloud gaming was not very popular some time ago. But now the popularity of cloud gaming is increasing. Today, the cloud gaming industry dominates. Let’s discuss the Best Cloud Gaming Service.

Shadow Cloud Gaming

Shadow is a high-end cloud server, in which you can easily enjoy high graphics gaming like a powerful PC. In this, you can get a high-quality gaming experience on your device. Shadow provides cloud computing gaming with a full virtual Windows pc.

Key-Features of Shadow Cloud Gaming 

(A) Gaming Experience with Low Latency.

(B) Shadow provides streaming quality up to 4K at 60 FPS or 144 FPS in Full HD.

(C) Streaming games on Shadow is comfortable with your game controllers, mice, keywords, and handsets.

(D) Shadow provides Shadow Boost plan with GPU – GeForce GTX 1080, Processor – 3.4GHz (4core/8Threads), Ram – 12 GB, Storage – 256GB and, Operating System – Windows 10 (64bit). You can subscribe gaming plan just starting from $11.99/month.


Upcoming upgrades of shadows are 


Shadow Ultra plan with Graphics – GeForce RTX 2080, Processor – 4.4GHz (4core/8Threads), Ram – 32 GB, Storage – 1TB (upgradable upto 2TB) and, Operating System – Windows 10 (64bit). 

Shadow Infinite plan with Graphics – Titan RTX, Processor – 4.4GHz (6core/12Threads), Ram – 32 GB, Storage – 1TB (upgradable upto 2TB) and, Operating System – Windows 10 (64bit). 

GeForce Now


GeForce is the most popular company in graphics cards. Presently Geforce Now is offering a better service of cloud gaming. In which you can enjoy your favorite games easily. GeForce Now allows you to stream your favorite games with high-quality servers and high graphics.

Key-Features of GeForce Now Cloud Gaming

(A) Geforce allows ultra streaming. It provides high graphics streaming of 4K at 60 fps in ultra HD quality.

(B) Geforce Latency manages the issue well and provides a smooth gaming experience.

(C) Geforce Now is also device friendly, which means you can easily game streaming on your favorite devices like mobile, tablet, windows os, Mac os, shield tv.

(D) The Geforce Cloud Gaming offers a very low cost. In it, you can get a subscription for $4.99 / month at a very affordable price.

Vortex Cloud Gaming

Vortex Cloud Gaming Service is also an excellent option for games lover. In this, you can easily enjoy cloud gaming on almost every device. And With the help of the Vortex Cloud Gaming App, you can easily do gaming on Android and iOS platforms.

Key-Features of Vortex 

(A) In Vortex, you can easily streaming games on 720p with high-speed internet.

(B) If you are a new user, Vortex is the best option for you, because the signup process is very easy. 

(C) In this, you can be streaming on many devices apart from the Android and iOS platforms.

(D) You can enjoy Vortex Cloud Gaming Service’s monthly subscription plan with a $9.99 fee.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

The Xbox also one of the Best Cloud Gaming services. Xbox is Microsoft’s cloud gaming service. You can easily enjoy more than 100 high-quality games on Xbox and you can use Xbox easily with the help of Windows PC, Android Mobile, and Tablet. 

Key-Features of Xbox 

(A) XBox has around 100 high-quality games, which can be a great source of entertainment for you.

(B) In this, you can easily game streaming with the help of gaming accessories like controller, remote, keywords, mouse.

(C) In this, you can easily streaming in 4K resolution with high-speed internet. But if you don’t have high-speed internet, then you can streaming games on 720p

(D) You can subscribe gaming plan just starting from $9.99/month and $14.99/month for the ultimate plan.

Playstation now

PlayStation Now is a Sony company’s cloud gaming service and PlayStation Now is the oldest service of cloud computing gaming. It provides freedom for streaming games on devices such as Windows Pc and Play Station (like PS3, PS4, PS5 & Xbox). An internet connection of at least 5 Mbps is necessary for better utilization of its service.

Key-Features of Playstation now

(A) You can get a monthly subscription at the price of $9.99, a 3-month subscription at $24.99, and a one-year subscription at $59.99.

(B) Its annual plan is at a very affordable price, in which you are getting very good gaming service at a very low price.

(C) In Playstation Now you can easily enjoy gaming at 720p resolution from 5mbps internet speed.

(D) If you have PS4 and PC, you can easily stream the game at 1080p resolution. But for this, you have to need a high-speed internet connection.

Google Stadia

Stadia is a gaming platform created by Google. On ‘Stadia’ you can play the game with the help of any of your devices by opening it on the Chrome browser. You can easily play games by opening the Stadia on a laptop, windows pc, tablet, mobile phone, TV.

Key-Features of Stedia 

(A) Google Stadia offers True 4K quality at 60 fps. And one of its Best Cloud Gaming Services.

(B) In ‘Google Stadia’ you get to experience better facilities like ‘Stadia Pro’. In this subscription, you get free games collection. As soon as you start the service, you can avail of the free game on ‘Stadia Pro’ for 1 month.

(C) ‘Stadia’ is Google’s service. Hence you get the Best Cloud Gaming Service. You can subscribe gaming plan just starting from $9.99/month.


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The Game Project

The Game Project is India’s first Cloud Gaming Service. The most special thing about The Game Project is that you can also enjoy online gaming on it for free. You can use its service for almost all devices. The Game Project is also a good option for cloud gaming in India.

Key-Features of The Game Project

(A) In this, you get the facility of streaming games at 1080p resolution & And you can enjoy the game on any device.
(B) It provides you with free game streaming of 6 hr/month, and for Rs 199, you can avail of a 20 hr/month subscription plan. Apart from this for Rs 499, you can avail unlimited subscription plan.
(C) You can also play games on mobile with the help of an Android application.

Benefits and Advantages of Cloud Gaming

If you are fancier of playing games, but you cannot afford expensive hardware, then cloud computing is a good option for you.

The Cloud Gaming Service Provider Company provides you with high-end hardware and graphics cards and high-quality resolution.

You do not need to install your favorite games, because games are already available on Cloud Gaming Server. So storage is not a problem, and you can play your favorite games at any time.

Problem with Cloud Gaming


To use cloud gaming, you must have high-speed internet and low latency Internet. Internet speed should be at least 15 Mbps and ping also requires 15 milliseconds or less so that you can fully enjoy cloud gaming service.

Currently, you have to pay for the Best Cloud Gaming Service. But efforts are on to develop this technique further.

For use of the Cloud Gaming Service, you need high-speed internet. Without internet or low-speed internet, you cannot avail of this facility.


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Some Terminologies


Low Latency – Low Latency describes the computer network, which is optimized to process very large amounts of data messages with minimal delay (delay).

Ping – Ping is the response time of your connection, how fast the response comes after you send the request. Faster ping means a more sensitive connection, especially in apps or gaming where time is everything and the most important factor (like cloud gaming). 


Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms). Ping is generally required to 15ms or less to use the Cloud Gaming Service.

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