Why Companies Use Animation in Advertising

Currently, competition in the market is increasing. In such a situation, every company to sell its products and services attracts the customer towards the products and services in every way. Advertisement is the best way to attract the customer to the product. Let’s discuss friends, advertising, and our main topic Animation in Advertising.


Why Companies Use Animation in Advertising
Why Companies Use Animation in Advertising


Advertising is a medium in which a company, directly and indirectly, informs customers about its products or services. If a company will not tell customers about the product, how will the customer know about its products or services or how to know about the company. Therefore the use of advertising becomes necessary.


Types of Advertising


Some of the major Methods of Advertising are as follows, which are predominantly prevalent today.

Print or Written Advertising

Radio Advertising

Sales Advertising

Online Advertising 

Video Advertising


Let us discuss all these advertising methods one by one.


Print or Written Advertising


Newspaper, posters, magazines, pamphlets, board, etc. can be included in the category of print or written advertising. Some time ago this medium was very popular, as earlier means of entertainment were less prevalent, due to which much importance was given to written publicity.


Presently print advertising is trending at 15% – 30% (Newspapers, Magazines, and pamphlets). But the trend of the advertising board is still popular. The company places its advertising boards on highways, public places, and markets so that the customer pays attention to their product.


Radio Advertising


Radio Advertising is also a popular advertising option. Many companies advertise their products or services through the radio. And make the audience aware of their products or services. 


Currently, small startups, regional companies, property dealers, loan services, exclusive sales, schools, and daily services of the city like to advertise through radio advertising. 


Radio Advertising is a great option for regional companies, Wholesalers, and small businessmen. Radio advertisements can easily broadcast information about their products or services to regional customers.


Sales Advertising


The trend of sales advertising is mainly to sell everyday useful items like cosmetics, clothes, and utensils, etc. This is an advertising technique used for small businesses or startups. In this, the company hires employees to sell its products, and employees take products or services or their samples and sell them in homes and other small firms.


Online Advertising


Online Advertising is a modern advertising method. Which we also know as Digital Marketing. Almost every small big company advertises its products or services online. The only reason for this is that currently, a person spends 2.5 hours online on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Searching online about a product or service has become an everyday habit of human beings. 


This is the reason that online marketing or business marketing is the most trending advertising method. Further, the scope of online marketing or digital marketing will continue to grow.


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Video Advertising


Video Advertising also a Modern Advertising Method. Today, every person likes to watch more than reading, because in today’s time a person’s mind can concentrate on a subject for only 8 seconds. That’s why everyone likes to watch because the video has colors, sound, motion, and animation, which makes the mind concentrate.


This is the reason that companies do their advertising through video. The company broadcasts its video advertisements through television, social media, LED screens in public places, animation boards or screens, etc.


But Animation in Advertising is a modern advertising method in the advertising world. Today this technology is the most popular, and the best way to make people aware of their products or services along with entertainment.


Why Companies Use Animation in Advertising


Some of the Benefits of Animation Advertising are:


(1) Everyone loves to watch animation videos, so the company can promote its products or services with entertainment.


(2) The animation is highly effective for any type of advertisement, and it less expensive than other live-action ads.


(3) The animations are full of humor, which entertains the audience or customers for a long time, and they are also the favorite of children.


(4) Animations are creative, you can display them in any way, animation ads do not require live-action, you can create a story or comic illustration.


(5) Animation ads are produced faster than live-action ads and have the potential for error. Therefore it is a good choice for advertising.


(6) Animation ads are cheaper than live-action and require highly graphics software and voice-over artists to create animation ads.


Some popular software for making animation videos are as follows








Pencil2D Animation.

Plastic Animation Paper.


Disadvantages of Animation in Advertising


(a) Creating animation ads requires a lot of effort. And also Skills are required to create animation, so a normal person cannot create animation.


(b) Creating animations requires a high graphics system and animation software. Some software is free, but to make a good animation video you have to buy a license for the high-end software.


(c) Creating animation requires proper planning, so planning takes a little time so that animation ads can attract people.


Traditional Advertising v/s Animation Advertising


(1) The cost of producing traditional advertising is high, while the cost of Animation Advertising is comparatively low.


(2) Traditional advertising requires famous stars or famous influencers, but animation ads require only voice, and animations can also be created only with breathtaking sound effects.


(3) In traditional advertising, advertising spends on artists, cameras, producers, influencers, live-action, music, effects, etc., but Animation Advertising does not require all of these options.


(4) Traditional ads attract people for a certain time and then have to create new ads. But animation ads entertain people for a long time. This is the reason why companies are emphasizing Animation Advertising.




Friends, in this article we came to know about many Advantages of Animation in Advertising. Animation advertising is a modern advertising method and will continue to be so in the future. Animation advertisements are attractive, entertaining, and enticing, which is a good option to attract a company to its products or services.


Although Animation Advertising still needs further improvement, it is a good alternative to affordable, attractive, and long-lasting advertising for the company. Therefore the Use of Animation in Advertising is prevalent.


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